Aluminum and Glass Products

With many years of Aluminum and Glass Sourcing experience we are able to provide high-grade quality to all of our clients.

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Sourcing & Manufacturing

Zone Import is your contact for custom manufacturing and sourcing in Asia, with a focus on China and Vietnam, for your construction supply needs.

Some of our services include sourcing, quality control and inspection in Asia. Logistics to move goods to your facility if necessary, and assistance in taking ownership/title of your products.

We cover all of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

With Zone Import’s sister office in China, there are endless opportunities we can provide you with.

China and Asia-Pacific Connection

Have you ever wanted to have an alliance on your side to assist with your Chinese and Asian-Pacific imports?

Has traveling into China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, or anywhere else in the Asia-Pacific area become a hassle?

Are you having quality control issues and need assistance with getting quality service and goods?

Do you feel you have elevated costs, but have nothing to benchmark them against?

Zone Import is your solution.


Our process begins with careful planning of each project.

  • Requirement analysis
  • Project charter
  • Site map


Our research will be developed to meet your needs.

  • Study product area
  • Plan accordingly
  • Present findings


Developing our go forward strategy.

  • Business Plan Creation
  • Analytical Development
  • Project Management


Zone Import helps you execute on your go forward strategy.

  • Plan Execution
  • Assistance in Measuring Success
  • Keeping on track